During my doctoral studies I taught undergraduate and graduate courses in linguistics (Descriptive Grammar, Contrastive Grammar, Semantics), but my focus has since shifted to professional courses in translation and interpreting.

As an associate at the Chair of Translation Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow – a beneficiary of the European Commission’s training assistance programme – I have had a chance to participate in the Training of Trainers courses for conference interpreting teachers offered by the EC’s Directorate General for Interpretations (SCIC). The feedback and support I have received from SCIC trainers and colleagues has helped and motivated me to become a better teacher. As I’m always keen on keeping tabs on developments across the pond, I have also completed a course for US court interpreters based on the well-established Acebo program.

The accelerated growth of online learning and MOOC platforms sparked my interest in the field of Instructional Design. I have used my knowledge and competences in this area to tweak and adjust my university courses to make them more efficient and improve the overall student experience. Outside of academia, I have applied these skills to co-design and teach a year-long course in law and legal translation aimed at aspiring legal translators or established colleagues wishing to pivot in their practice. Although I no longer teach such extended commercial courses, I occasionally run shorter training programmes, mostly custom designed training sessions for institutions and in-house translation teams.

University courses:

Descriptive Grammar (undergraduate)

Contrastive Grammar (undergraduate)

Advanced Semantics (graduate)

Translation Workshops – Press and Functional Texts (graduate)

Certified translation and court interpreting (post-graduate)

Court interpreting (post-graduate)

Interpreting for law enforcement (post-graduate)

Note-taking in consecutive interpreting (lecture, post-graduate)


Open courses and training:

Currently I do not teach any open courses. Ask for an on-demand training.